Friday, January 2, 2009

First post

Well, here we are, new year, new challenges. I'm sure no one will be interested in my ramblings, but I guess it will be interesting for me to document my feelings at certain times and be able to look back on things with more experience under my belt.

New Years day was a lovely day spent around home. were invited to friends place for a lovely dinner of Roast Venison. Time got away and we didn't get the kids in bed until after 11:30 pm.

Todays challenges included reporting the theft of a farm gate. How desperate is that. Luckily there wasn't stock in that paddock, as it has road frontage, and is relatively close to the highway. Apparently we weren't the only one's who had gates stolen last night, one farmer lost 6 in one hit. Apparently hubby can apply a small amount of weld to make it harder for the mongrels to get more, but that is probably very low on his list of priorities at present.

Onion lifting has started today, and is looking promising.


  1. Hello? Farm gates? Cyclon, or the old dropper-and-wire variety? Good luck with the onions then:-)

  2. Wow, I am blown away by the fact that Sally Odgers has read something I wrote. Thank you Sally, we may be only three days into 2009, but you have made my year! It was a reinforced Cyclone gate.

  3. Hi Farmer's Wife. I came to your blog from Sally's. Always click on anything related to farming as I am playing farmer here in East Texas. Just getting ready to plant my onions and potatoes in a very small garden.

    Glad the fire did not destroy your house.