Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cup day

How life changes. Ten plus years ago I would have relished the chance to get dolled up and go to the local cup race meeting. But now with two treasures, the thought of keeping them under control amidst a crowd of 10,000 plus, does little to entice me out. I did however manage to get a couple of bucks on local hope Pindari Prince, and cheered him home from the privacy of my own home. My youngest would have died of embarrasment had I been at the races, due to my screaming, jumping happy dance. What a success story for the Kenny family, it sends shivers down my spine at the thought of how they must be feeling at the moment. I can't for the life of me understand how he was considered an outsider. He has been given an ideal preparation, with the extra benefit of beach work. While his last couple of starts back from a breather may have been considered disappointing, I'm sure there were extenuating circumstances for each of these occasions. One of which leads me to the debate on if female jockeys should ride whilst in the early stages of pregnancy. Spreyton track also has a habit of producing "Spreyton Specialists". I remember one of these was my favourite horse "Turbo Jane" who won all three of her races at Spreyton.

To date no follow up from our friends in Blue regarding the missing gate. Guess it is low on their list of priorities.

First Paddock of onions have been lifted, they are currently on top of the ground drying for a couple of weeks. The next crop to commence harvest will be the Early Spuds. Looking forward to that possibly next week.

I'm having a bit of a battle with my baby bunnies. We had our first litter? born 13th December, and while everything was progressing well for the first 4 weeks, we have had some disasters recently. This has let to creating Fort Knox so they are safe from falls and the cat.

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