Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update, Update, Update

Just having a read through of some of my previous posts with some updates to report.

The Silkies, Milky and Fluffy have fallen in love, and I am pleased to report that Fluffy is happily clucky and expecting fluffy chickens in the near future.

No sign of Boy Bunny who escaped some time earlier this month, however Girl Bunny has just given birth to two little hairless babies.

Also an oopsie with a suffolk lamb arriving this week. (Too late getting the fertile ram lambs out)

I have started the search for the perfect kids pony today. First visit proved unsucessful, and I am mightily paying for his dislike of me. He planted a swift hoof into my thigh, so unfortunately we bid a hasty retreat without even getting the kids on him. Plenty of time though until the perfect one comes along. If only I could have cloned my second pony, Vanessa. She was a legend.

First of the potato paddocks have been harvested, now a bit of a break until the factory want the remainder. Only carrots, beans and cauli in the ground now. As well as the Pyrethrum.

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